About This Site

This site is all about Stan’s work which is evolving from expressive and often abstract digital photography to mixed media pieces combining Stan’s style of digital imagery with unique handcrafted methods of presentation.  Current pieces are often featured in the blog and occasionally an image or multimedia piece is available for download.  A Facebook Page is also available with announcements and posts about Stan’s work.

About Stan

Just as Stan’s work is evolving, his motivations and inspirations change over time.  One thing that is constant is his passion for his work.  Check out his current Artist Statement and Bio.

About Stan’s Techniques

Stan’s first exploration into a more hands-on approach to creating each piece has resulted in work he’s calling Aged Aluminum Monoprints.  The combination of an Aged Aluminum Process on mill-finished aluminum plates with an Emulsion Transfer Process to apply digital imagery results in each piece in the limited edition being an original.

Where Can I See Stan’s Work

To truly appreciate Stan’s work, it must be seen.  Photographs of these pieces can not do it justice.  Currently, you can see them in person at the Eclipse Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine.